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Company Registration

Welcome Letter Registration/disclosure certificate –COR14.3 Notice of incorporation-COR14.1 Notice of incorporation initial directors-COR14.1 A memorandum of incorporation- COR15.1A(PTY)LTD or COR15.1 NPC

Business Plans / Profiles

Income Tax Number

Tax Clearance Certificate

Assistance for E-Filing

PBX Setups

Setup for call centers and office Setup for recordings for PBX

IP Phones

T21 Entry Level IP Phone (None POE)

T21P Entry Level IP Phone (with POE)

T40P Entry level IP Phone (with POE)

T41S Entry level IP Phone (with POE)

T23G Enterprise HD Gigabit IP Phone (with POE)

T27G Executive IP Phone (with POE)

All phones include warranty

Website/Email Hosting

The following package is available :

Get 75 Email Addresses

Website (Developed & Designed)

Unlimited Traffic

Designing Of Letter Heads & Logo’s

Professionally Designed

Microsoft Packages

Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 365


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